Bob Proctor has known “The Secret” for Decades

Bob Proctor Has Known The Secret For Decades
By Karen Giardunio

If any one out there is wondering how Bob Proctor discovered “The Secret” the answer is: The same way Rhonda Byrne – the creator of the hit movie of the same title found it…they both came across the Wallace Wattles book written in the early 1900s entitled “The Science of Getting Rich”! If you go to the website that takes it’s name from that masterpiece, you can download a free copy for yourself without any strings attached. I know this to be so because I have lead many of my closest friends to that site myself, and they all have later thanked me -and I have downloaded it for my own personal use as well because a close friend passed on the website to me.

The book proves to be not only a quick read, but if taken seriously – it can also transform your life much the same way as it has for Rhonda and Bob.  When Bob was given the book in the 1960s he was earning only $7,000.00 a year and was $8,000.00 in debt. As he began to understand this science, he changed his life to the tune of earning over $100,000.00 the first year he applied the instructions found within Mr.Wattles book!  Rhonda went from her life -both professionally and personally -falling apart and being in danger of losing the production company she had devoted the last 10 years of her life to -to making a hit movie that even Oprah Winfrey herself touted her support of by dedicating not 1 but 2 shows to! The idea of “The Law of Attraction” expanded upon in “The Secret” is how these individuals (Oprah included) brought wealth and prosperity into their own lives. How’s that for a reason to change the way you think and react to what is happening in your life?

Bob Proctor believed in the book so much that he too passed it on to any of his friends who showed an interest in his sudden windfall of luck and wealth. To his amazement, while his life continued to change and he continued to evoke more and more prosperity and fortune, some of the very same people he had presented the book to -did nothing -and nothing in their lives changed as it had for Bob! When he first became aware of this fact, he then realized that action and faith, gratitude and awareness where some of the key factors in realizing ones greatest desires! He has spent the last 4 decades telling people how to apply what has been dubbed as “The Law of Attraction” and he covers it quite thoroughly in “The Secret”.

Bob also advocates utilizing “Multiple Sources of Income” which he explains in an audio CD he made entitled “What Would You Change If Your Annual Income…Suddenly Became Your Monthly Income?” One of the ways he suggests doing so -is Network Marketing. He has launched his own organization –along with his fellow “Secret”- Affiliate Jack Canfield (of the famed “Chicken Soup For The Soul” book series) to bring in people to help them learn what he has come to understand in all the years that he has dedicated himself to helping others succeed, while utilizing the Internet to create their own wealth in the process.

If you are a fan of any of the people mentioned in this article or to the ideas therein, you may want to take the time yourself to research and apply what they openly have to share with you. There are many ways to succeed in life, but I for one believe in duplicating the actions and behaviors of those who have succeeded in their own lives. Why reinvent the wheel? If you don’t have the answers to the questions you’ve been asking, it may not only be worth your time and effort…it may very well change your life too!

Karen Giardunio is a single mother who resides in the mountains just north or Boulder Colorado. Throuh the power of the sweeping concept of “The Law Of Attraction!” she was able to personally connect herself with one of the leading experts in the field of Internet Marketing. It is through this great mentor that she has begun to change her life and obtain an unlimited wealth of knowlege and understanding of the need to share and serve others in order to obtain her own hearts desires. So, she now offers frustrated Network Marketers that are looking for more ways to make money while learning how to win at the recruiting game to accomplish those goals.  Now you can take control of your own life by creating a secondary income helping others succeed. Even if you don’t currently belong to an MLM business -or if you already do. All without ever calling a single lead again. This stuff works whether any one joins your down line or not!

To get more information go to

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3 secrets To Living The Secret

3 Secrets To Living The Secret
By Mark C. Jones

‘ My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.’

– Oprah Winfrey

From the moment Oprah did her broadcast (and then second show a week later) about the self-help phenom, The Secret, my office has been buzzing with talk about principles of this Law Of Attraction. In case you haven’t seen the Oprah show or watched The Secret DVD, you can sum up the teaching as: your thoughts become your reality. The emphasis is on using positive thought and positive imagery to direct one’s life in a new more meaningful and fulfilling way.

I believe over-generalizing things in this way can lead to some confusion. So, here are my three secrets for using The Secret to your advantage.

1. The Law of Attraction must live in harmony with the other laws of the universe.

I am convinced the Law of Attraction is real and it works. After years of sitting with people and discussing their problems, I know the opposite way of living does not work. I have seen dramatic changes in my office when people leave the land of negativity. So, I am a whole-hearted supporter of anyone who wishes to practice the Law of Attraction. It does change lives!

I’m not interested in debating whether there is hard science to back this up, we might not be able to prove that there are real ‘energy’ changes happening, as some of the teachers of this idea claim. However, there is proof that the Law Of Attraction works psychologically. In clinical terms, the principles of The Secret are called cognitive behavioral therapy. It is one of the most well researched types of psychotherapy and the one form of counseling that has been proven effective in daily real-world practice. I am not talking about positive thinking, this is the actual restructuring of your cognition — the way you think.

So, at the very least, we can call the Law of Attraction a psychological law that has been proven to work by science. But, it may be too much to say it causes a change to your physical reality. We should remind ourselves that all universal laws work in harmony. The Law of Attraction is not going to cancel out the Law of Gravity, even though I would love to crawl walls like Spider-man.

What will The Secrect enable you to cancel out? The Secret will cancel out are the horrible effects of cognitive distortions that lead to depression, anxiety, and the myriad of other psychological illnesses that plague us. That in turn could lead to healthier bodies and minds. Those small changes can snowball into a cascade of good things, so much so, that we can claim our lives have changed.

2. We must live in the field of possibility all the time.

The great Sufi poet Rumi says, ‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.’ This is the field the Law of Attraction pushes us towards while the critics debate. The alternative is to wait and decide – is this right – is it o.k. to use this law in my life? But another great writer, Virginia Woolf can help us there. She says, ‘To let oneself be carried on passively is unthinkable!’ We may not know how this new way of living works, we may not know how it interacts with other laws, but we can not sit and wait when it calls out to be used – and our souls respond in excited anticipation. We must act!

We can be assured what does not work. Giving up responsibility for our happiness is a dead end. Living full of despair and ingratitude weakens us. Visualizing all our worst fears coming true ignites a strange process of self-sabotage.

Attracting the life you long for is more harmonious in every way. As Michael Ignatieff says, ‘One of the greatest feelings in life is the conviction that you have lived the life you wanted to live — with the rough and the smooth, good and the bad — but yours, shaped by your own choices, and not someone else’s.’ This is the life of many successful people in a nutshell. Move towards the field of possibility and it could be yours as well!

3. Try it out – does it work for you?

If you are debating whether using the Law of Attraction really works, stop the debate today. See what is possible. Start using postive thoughts and positive images of the future to attract a new positive life. Pick one goal. Rehearse your visualization process daily. Shift all of your emotion and thought so that you are actually experiencing the goal coming true. Repeat this for 30 days until you have a concrete answer. Maybe this Secret will work for you?.

© 2007 Mark C. Jones, MA, LPC – The Life Calling Coach – Life Coach and Counselor

 Mark C. Jones, MA, LPC, ‘The Life Calling Coach,’ publishes the ‘Art Of The Soul Newsletter’ to his online community at

If you are ready to unlock the secrets to your own life calling, turn your pain into purpose, and renew your passion for life, get your copy of The Life Calling Formula today at

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Behind The Secret

“Behind The Secret”

By Judith Waller

Have you seen or read “The Secret”? It’s such a phenomenon now, it’s probably hard not to have heard at least something about it! So what’s it all about? And does it really work? Here, I go beyond the hype and back to the original source material and explain how to apply the principles behind “The Secret”.

The Law of Attraction…

Fundamentally, “The Secret” is about the Law of Attraction. Author and executive producer of “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne, says that she was initially inspired by reading the classic text “The Science of Getting Rich”, which was written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles.

Many others (including me) have been equally inspired by this book, which describes how to understand and utilise the Law of Attraction to attract health, wealth and happiness into your life. In his book Wattles explains that, at the heart of the Law of Attraction:

“Everything you see on earth is made from one original substance, out of which all things proceed.”

In other words, no matter how things may appear on the surface, at a quantum level everything on earth and indeed throughout the entire universe, consists of energy — pure creative potential — and this is the basic building block for all matter.

Wattles says:

“A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.”

So what this means is: if you can think it, you can create it. If you first generate something in your mind, then you can cause it to be created in your life — out of the creative substance of the universe. Just like a magnet, you draw what you want towards you.

Like attracts like, so by maintaining a positive focus in your mind, you can build positive energy into whichever area of your life you wish to grow — whether that be a higher income, better relationships, a more satisfying career, improved health, you name it. There is no limit to what you can attract into your life in this way. If the entire universe is made up of this creative substance, then it’s never going to run out, is it?

One is All, and All is One…

Remember though, that what you wish for should be for the benefit of others as well as yourself — in line with the principle that “One is All, and All is One”. I think this is something that “The Secret” doesn’t emphasise strongly enough. As Wattles puts it:

“The universe desires you to have everything you want to have. Everything is natural for you. Make up your mind that this is true. It is essential, however, that your purpose should harmonize with the purpose that is in All.”

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t desire all of life’s comforts — on the contrary, life IS meant to be easy! Merely that, in wishing to create an easier and more richly rewarding life for yourself, the others around you are also benefiting from greater wellbeing for themselves.

Thus, Wattles cautions:

“You are to become a creator, not a competitor; you are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it every other man will have more than he has now.”

Remember that there is unlimited abundance available to all, so there is no need to compete with others. If you get away from the notion of lack and limit, then your natural impulse is to wish others to enjoy life as much as you do. That’s certainly how it’s worked for me!

Affirmative thought beats negative thought…

Okay then, if your thought creates your reality, what about the impact of negative thoughts? This is one of the big issues that often comes up when you start working with the Law of Attraction. As you begin to pay attention to your thoughts — understanding that whatever you are giving energy to, you are actually bringing into being — you may be appalled to discover the amount of negative thoughts you’ve been having!

Well, don’t worry… As Michael Beckwith, one of the individuals interviewed for “The Secret”, explains:

“It has been proven now scientifically, that an affirmative thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought.”

That’s very reassuring, isn’t it? Now you know that you’ve got all the ammunition you need to combat negative thinking — simply by concentrating on introducing one new affirmative thought at a time, you can drown out those other niggly little negative ones.

Oh, and know that you’ve always got time to make better choices too. In case you’re wondering why you don’t get instant results from this new thinking process, consider for a moment what would happen if you did. Imagine if every single thought that flew through your mind instantaneously manifested in real life — eek!

Remind yourself of this if you ever reach a point where you’re feeling frustrated or disheartened about not seeing visible results straight away. The reason that there’s a bit of a time delay built into the process is to give you the opportunity to be really sure that you DO want something and to allow it to unfold in the best possible way. But it doesn’t always have to take a long time… miracles can happen, you know!

Begin it now…

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and tap into the power of the Law of Attraction right now…

Think it… believe it… HAVE IT!

Copyright © 2007 Judith Waller.

Judith Waller is a spiritually-oriented professional coach and writer who helps people create soul-fully rich and fabulous lives. Go to to sign up for her ezine and get a free copy of her ebook “Living in Bliss! 10 secrets of a soul-full life.”

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The Teaching of Abraham – Secrets…..

The Teaching of Abraham – Secrets of the Law of Attraction
By CW Teo

The law of attraction is an ancient law that has recently been brought to light through Esther Hicks. Esther Hicks channels spirits that collectively use the name – “Abraham.”

According to the law of attraction “that which is like unto itself is drawn.” In simpler terms this can be expressed as like attracts like. It could also be said as – as you sow, so shall you reap; what goes around comes around; what your put out you get back and what you want, wants you.

Many successful people have lived by the positive philosophy of the law of attraction including, by self admission, Oprah Winfrey. The secret that is said to have once been known by Beethoven is now common knowledge thanks to the works of Esther Hicks and her husband Jerry Hicks.

The statement “ask and you shall receive” is common knowledge. The law of attraction says “Ask, believe, receive.” Abrahams secret teachings say how all things that are wanted or unwanted are brought to you by the law of attraction. A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. Never before has the law of attraction been explained as clearly as it is here by Abraham through Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Let us examine the basics of the law of attraction. Once a vibration is activated by you, a response is given via the law of attraction. If you ask, you receive. According to the law of attraction, everything is valid and truthful. In the germination of the seed of your desire is everything that is necessary to make your desire true. You must relax and let the law of attraction organize and manage and then happily do your work.

The secret law of attraction that has now been revealed is a universal law. Universal laws cannot be changed or broken. They have been around since the dawn of creation. They apply to everything, everywhere. They are basic principles on which life is based.

The law of attraction, revealed by Abraham-Hicks is the most powerful force in the universe. Practice is needed to “get it” but once you get it you need never look back. The secret of the law of attraction is – like attracts like. This means many things. You are a living magnet. Energy attracts energy. You get what you focus on whether you want it or not.

Though some people are better at attraction than others are, this does not mean the person with average law of attraction skills cannot get better of even surpass others. In working the secret law of attraction, always take inspired action. If something feels right, go ahead and do it. Always expect your desires to come true. Expect miracles to happen.

Money, relationships and jobs happen in our life according to our expectations. The moment we focus on them, they start moving toward us. The quality of desires we focus on affects what we get from life. Our thoughts and feelings must affirm the positive to bring in happiness into our lives.

Think you have as much money you want in your life. Then feel it. Also, believe it. Believe that you already have as much money as you want in your life. Be grateful for the money you have. Accept yourself as a rich person.

Do the same with relationships and with jobs. Think, believe, feel and accept yourself in a positive position on these and the positivity will come to you. This is the secret that has been revealed by Abraham-Hicks in the law of attraction

What we focus on is brought to us. If it is on having less, we create that experience for ourselves. If it is on having more we bring richness into our lives. The man who says he hates his job is creating this reality for himself by not noticing the good parts of his job. If we obsess on not having something, then we are blocking what we deserve from coming to us. The secret is wanting, believing and accepting what you desire in your life.

Most people focus on their not having things they want rather than having them. This is a negative thought process and blocks what we want from coming into out lives. Once a secret, it is now known that the law of attraction is not mystical mumbo jumbo but a fact that has been borne out in countless lives. Expect positivity and receive positivity. So think, feel and believe positive.

That is the law of attraction in a nutshell.

CW Teo is an expert in personal development. For a limited period only, click to download a Free Report: Bob Proctor On Science of Getting Rich.

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Will the Real Nappy Headed Ho’s Please Stand Up?

**From my friend Randy, There are some secrets to be gained if you read his entire spiel!

Long, but thought provoking!!!

“Will the Real Nappy-Headed Ho’s Please Stand Up? ”

Well I tried paying no heed to the whole thing, but I can’t.

The monumental melodrama of the Don Imus and his Nappy-Headed
Ho’s controversy is too much for even me to ignore. The media
sensationalism on this has eclipsed even the Anna Nicole
hysteria, yet I don’t see any intelligent discussion of the real
issues here. Sadly, it took 33 people dying at Virginia Tech to
get the story off of breathless panic mode.

But first let me get one thing out of the way. I’m not defending
Imus. Both the comments he made and the context he made them are
despicable. To tarnish the ladies of that Rutgers team with that
broad brush is unconscionable.

But let’s go a little deeper.

Why is it ok for 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Luther Campbell and others
to smear virtually all women with the same the same taunts, yet
Imus lost his livelihood over it? Why can the people on Russell
Simmon’s “Def Poetry” show bandy about niga and nigger
indiscriminately, yet Michael Richards is banished to infamy? Is
it ok because they’re black?

That’s bullshit, and just racism in another context.

Now of course Imus won’t be out of work for long. In fact, if XM
and Sirius Satellite radio networks weren’t trying to merge and
needing approval from the Bush cronies at the Justice department
and FCC – you can bet they would have been falling all over each
other to sign Imus within an hour of the news that CBS cancelled
his ticket.

Imus is one of the top-rated jocks in the country, and he
brought in over ten million dollars a year in advertising
revenue. So now it is just a waiting game, with radio executives
waiting until they think enough time has elapsed and Imus has
showed enough public repentance to be “safe” for advertisers to
jump on the bandwagon again.

The truth is, America loves his brand of humor, just as they
love Howard Stern, Neil Rogers, and others like them. And they
love the brutal, sexist, homophobic, and degrading lyrics of
today’s rappers and hip hop comedians. In fact, a CD or
monologue with references only to nappy-headed ho’s, would
actually be quite tame by today’s standards. If you’re not
talking about killing cops, knifing people, or raping the
bitches – you may as well be Tony Bennett.

One generation thought James Dean was corrupting our youth, and
the next one was convinced it was Lenny Bruce and Elvis. The
following generation feared George Carlin and Jim Morrison. Then
it was Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson. Now we’re at Imus and
the shock jock culture.

The truth is all these people did their part to influence
morality and what is socially acceptable. But they did it in a
certain context. The truth is, music and comedy have always been
a mirror to what is happening in society.

Sometimes they are just crass and vulgar. Because sometimes
society is just crass and vulgar. But they often are a catalyst
for positive change, because they reveal an ugliness about
ourselves, that we don’t like when we see it in the mirror.
Great authors like Kurt Vonnegut, who we lost this week, do the
same thing.

I came of age in the 70’s, which was a time of great political
dissent, free love, and psychedelic drugs. So I protested, I
******, and I got stoned. There isn’t much that shocks me.

I recall those “Great Jewish Athletes in History” parodies on
SNL back in the day with fond remembrance. I howled with
laughter when the Wayons Bros. did their skits of the two faggy
movie critics on “In Living Color.” I think guys like Bruce,
Carlin, Chris Rock, Dennis Miller, and Bill Maher are comic

I make it a point to watch “Def Poetry” on HBO, and recently
came across P. Diddy’s “Bad Boys of Comedy” show. On both of
these programs I have seen vitriolic diatribes against Gays,
blacks, whites, women, men, the government, and a host of other
targets. And a lot of what I have seen on those two shows could
only be described as brilliant, amazing, poignant, poetic, and
transformational. You may not be able to have one without the

I think the true gift of these shows and the comedians and
musicians I mentioned, is their ability to create a change in
consciousness. But to create that change, they will often say
things that make the remarks from Imus sound like Mary Poppins.

The problem I have with the comments Imus made is that they
certainly were not affecting any positive social change, or
showing the fallacy of any stereotypes through humor. They were
just mean-spirited, degrading and cynical, and directed against
a bunch of young ladies who are wonderful examples of the human

So I do think Imus’ comments were vile. But I didn’t get
lathered into shock and outrage when I heard them. He said
something stupid. Who hasn’t?

Furthermore, anyone who listens to his show knows what to expect
and shouldn’t be surprised by that. Anyone who doesn’t like his
brand of humor need only switch the dial.

What shocks us and offends us gets more desensitized with every
generation. I don’t know whether that is good or bad, I just
know it is. As a Libertarian, I don’t want any government
deciding what we can watch or listen to, and most definitely not
THIS government.

But let’s be honest here, and also admit that there is a price
we pay as a society for these freedoms, and we all need to
exercise some personal responsibility.

I have to say I am impressed with 50 Cent and the talent he has.
I love Snoop Dog, and I believe he has a special kind of
charisma, whether making records or acting. And there is not a
chance in the world that if I were raising a young child, I
would let them buy the CDs of either of these guys.

I make an appointment to watch “The Sopranos” each week, because
I believe it is the most brilliantly written and acted show on
television. But if I had kids under 16 or 17, I certainly
wouldn’t let them watch it.

CBS Radio is a big corporation, true. But corporations are still
owned and run by individual people. The CEO there still has to
look into the mirror each morning and know that what they allow
on their stations can be heard by millions of casual listeners
and reflects on them.

The same is true for the studios that release the movies today
and the recording companies that put out these hip hop CDs
spewing intolerance, hate, and violence. You can argue that the
sales prove that these things are what the public wants. But
there is no moral victory in that.

The herd delights in salacious, gossipy, mean-spirited content.
Movies with gratuitous sex and violence become blockbusters. And
TV shows like Jerry Springer that pander to the basest and
lowest common denominator of the most ignorant, get big ratings.

But that doesn’t mean you should produce them.

At the end of the day, we all have to ask ourselves if what we
do to make a living is congruent with the person we want to be.
And as a society, we can’t have it both ways. If we fight for
the right to have kids’ video games with the most realistic,
blood-spattering mayhem, movies with triple-digit body counts,
shock jocks, and the chance to buy Glock semi-automatic pistols
& assault rifles as easy as purchasing beer – then we can’t be
shocked and surprised when some mixed-up, troubled loner goes to
campus and snuffs out the lives of 33 people. Saddened, yes. But
surprised? No way.

I don’t have a problem with Bill Maher, Howard Stern or others
ridiculing or satirizing someone who has voluntarily put
themselves in the public eye. If you star in some vulgar reality
show like Ozzie Osbourne, use your movie career to further your
political agenda like Susan Sarandon, or write books on how to
live a better life like I do – then you open yourself up to a
certain amount of criticism. And that’s fair game.

But we can ridicule the president’s policy, but respect the
office. We can satirize the actions we dislike of someone,
without destroying their character.

Tuesday night, “American Idol judge Simon Cowell was rude,
mean-spirited, and nasty in his comments to Sanjaya Malakar
after his performance. (Which it turns out, was his last.) The
next day, a writer in The Miami Herald wrote that Sanjaya’s name
was “Indian for tone deaf.” Sanjaya has also been the flavor of
the week for a lot of late night TV comedians.

Free speech? Sign me up; I’m all for it. But come on, that kid
is a kid. For sophisticated adults to heap public ridicule on a
17-year-old is no better than a schoolyard bully. And to do it
to a kid who has the guts to perform in a talent competition on
live TV in front of 30 million people – that’s just flat out

Part of the reason the Imus controversy captured the attention
of the masses is because he also was attacking young people,
whose only sin was aspiring to do something great.

Of course the reason the media clamped onto it like a bulldog on
a bone, is because it played the ever-reliable black versus
white race card. And a rich white guy keeping down young black
women student/athletes couldn’t be more scintillating.

But no one has been looking at the real issues.

Namely the victim-hood mentality the media coverage is creating,
and the way the Black leadership in America is perpetuating

If you read my last book, then you know it’s all about how we
get infected with mind viruses that we aren’t even aware we
have. These viruses are just like the ones your computer gets.
They get imbedded on your hard drive (your subconscious mind)
and can cause you to unknowingly sabotage your efforts at

Some of the most common mind viruses today are: money is bad,
rich people are evil, it’s spiritual to be poor, etc. Of course
if you buy into these viruses, you are volunteering to be a

On a conscious level, you are working to be successful. But your
subconscious mind is undermining all you try to do. These
dangerous viruses are spread constantly by governments,
organized religion and the media. And this Imus flap is packed
with them!

The truth is, Imus can’t hold down those young ladies; they can
only hold down themselves. And I think their response to all
this has demonstrated that they refused to let anyone keep them
down, and they are moving forward in a positive way.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for millions of other

Because they have followed the lead of the media and their
“leaders” and latched onto the scandal as yet more evidence of
how they are being held back, kept down, and denied their fair
shot at accomplishment. They have fallen into the trap of using
this as validation for why they haven’t achieved the success
they want.

Do Blacks have a fair shot at success in America today? Of
course not. And neither do women, Asians, Gays, and you could
even argue – white men! The truth is, the herd doesn’t want
anyone to break out and achieve high-level success, because it
will make them look bad. So we are all surrounded by people who
want to see us fail. (Often it’s the people who you think are
your supporters.) If you succeed, it takes away their excuses
for why they couldn’t make it.

It’s pretty hard to convince me you can’t make it without a high
school diploma, since I was expelled from Madison West High.
Likewise, you’d probably have a difficult time convincing Bill
Gates that the reason you can’t make it is because you don’t
have a college degree. But if me and Bill aren’t hanging around,
it would be pretty easy to convince yourself that your lack of
formal education is what’s really holding you back.

Yes, being born Black in America (and some other places as well)
can give you a disadvantage in life. So can being born blind,
deaf, or in a dysfunctional family. My friend W. Mitchell had
his face and fingers burned off in an accident, and then became
paralyzed in a plane crash. Does that kind of give him a
disadvantage to becoming successful?

The truth is, there are thousands of convincing excuses why you
can’t make it. If you’re looking for validation, you can find
that everywhere. But at some point, you have to make a decision.

You can be a victim, or you can be a victor. But you can’t be

Ok you were born on the wrong side of the tracks, you were
denied a promotion because of your religion, or your mother
tried to bronze your baby boots when you were still in them. So

You can spend the rest of your life trying to discover your
inner child, or you can move on and use that as motivation for
your eventual success. The problem with the world today is that
we have all kinds of religious, government, and media leaders
who are determined to keep you in victim-hood. And this is
particularly prevalent in the Black community.

The people being trotted out as empowering leaders for Black
equality are actually the champions of Black inequality! They
make their careers exploiting their own people and keeping them

The real issue is not that Don Imus called someone nappy-headed
ho’s. The real issue is that he called the wrong people nappy
headed ho’s! Because if he wanted to ridicule someone who was
whoring themselves out, he should have started with the two good
Reverends who were all over this mess: Jesse Jackson and Al

Jesse and Al are the self-appointed guardians of all things
Black. Unfortunately, for them to get the kind of attention and
publicity they crave, they need their people to be exploited.
Their only job that I can see, is always looking for the next
crisis to exploit, and the next microphone they can get in front

Now I have nothing against shameless self-promoters. Marketing
makes the world go round. But when you have to oppress your own
people to be perceived as the liberator, things are getting way
out of hand.

Worst of all, the mainstream media falls all over these two.
Rather than do the work and uncover some true leaders with the
community at heart, they keep trotting back to the two Reverends
for their tried and true “poor exploited Black man” sound bites.

Of course Jackson and Sharpton are not alone. There were
hundreds of other ho’s trying to use the situation to further
their own agenda. Did you read that the governor of New Jersey
was injured in a car accident, on his way to a meeting between
Imus and the Rutgers team? Are you fucking kidding me!

You’re telling me the governor of a state the size of New Jersey
has nothing better to do than going to that meeting? Any bets on
whether he would have conducted a press conference afterward?

At least we have the poetic justice of him getting into the
accident. The only way it could have been better would have been
if he had crashed with Jackson and Sharpton.

For Reverend Jackson to present himself as the protector against
racial slurs strains credibility a little. Since this is the
same guy who ran for president in 1984 referring to Jews as
“hymies,” and New York City as “Hymietown.”

And for Reverend Sharpton to portray himself as a racial
conciliator is a little like Hannibal Lector marketing himself
as a diet coach. You’ll remember Reverend Al exploiting the
Tawana Brawley hoax for all it was worth back in 1987. (Brawley
was the black teenager found smeared in feces and marked with
racial slurs that said she was raped by white guys. Later we
found out that this was a story she cooked up because she ran
away from home for a few days.) But there was Sharpton, running
from microphone to microphone, inciting fear, hatred, and
intolerance at every opportunity.

Truthfully, there was a time when Jesse Jackson was a hero of
mine. So I’d like to think that his motives are pure. It’s quite
a stretch for me imagining Reverend Sharpton doing what he does
for the greater good, but let’s give him the benefit of the
doubt. The point is, even if these guys mean well, what they are
doing is not helping their people, it is keeping them mired in a
victim mindset.

What Black America needs is leaders who will help them overcome
obstacles and reach for greatness. Leaders who won’t focus on
who or what is holding people back, but who or what can lead
them forward. And Black people must demand that those who want
to speak for them, do so with a message of empowerment, not

This week was 60 years to the day that Jackie Robinson broke the
color barrier in baseball. We need more people like Jackie. And
we need the media to feature those kinds of Black leaders. Since
we’re talking baseball, how about interviewing Hank Aaron or
Frank Robinson? Dave Winfield has a new book out. Rachel
Robinson is doing great work with the Jackie Robinson

Bill Cosby is the voice of reason in a sea of sensationalism.
Will Smith impresses me to no end. Oprah is not just a talk show
host; she is a dynamic, articulate, powerful Black woman who has
overcome much to accomplish amazing things. Let’s hear from
these people when issues arise.

This is not just a Black thing either. There are many minority
groups that are led by people who exploit them. And a lot of
people of all races and colors who look first for the reasons
they can’t achieve great things. But this specific event can
give some serious food for thought for us all.

So what about YOU?

What happens when things don’t work out the way you planned?
When you come across obstacles to what you want to achieve? Are
you looking for validation of why you’re a victim – or intent of
finding the way to becoming a victor? Give it some serious

Have a great week!

Please pass this along to others who may appreciate it!


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What about YOU??

Life is good,


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The Secret – Ancient Wisdom Revisited

The Secret – Ancient Wisdom Revisited
By Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

Australian TV producer, come author, Rhonda Byme has successfully compiled the ancient wisdom of many great minds, into a book called, ‘The Secret.’ The principles are based on metaphysics and have been spoken of by the greatest thinkers, writers and leaders throughout time—Plato, Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Dale Carnegie, The Power of Positive Thinking, Carl Jung; “What you resist persists.”  Buddha, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

‘The Secret’ is simply the metaphysics of ‘The Law of Attraction.’

“The first philosophy (Metaphysics) is universal and is exclusively concerned with primary substance. … And here we will have the science to study that which is just as that which is, both in its essence and in the properties which, just as a thing that is, it has. ….That among entities there must be some cause which moves and combines things. … There must then be a principle of such a kind that its substance is activity.” (Aristotle, Metaphysics 340BC)

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value.  Mind and matter are comprised of energy—energy has impact.  Thus, thoughts are things—thoughts create something.  The something that is created is dependent on what the thoughts are.  Like attracts like—thus, if you think positive thoughts, you attract positive things.  If you think negative thoughts you attract negative things.  The question, “What were you thinking?,” has a greater significance than a mere expression of incredulity.   “What were you thinking?,”  can be the beginning to make better choices now or in the future.  “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” Proverbs 23:7;  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right,” Henry Ford.

Appealing to the vulnerability of humanity, Byme focused her work primarily on the acquisition of money. I am all for having money, but, the greatest good could be achieved through creating world peace.  Byme makes the point that fighting brings us to the conditions that we hate. She cited such notables as, Jack Canfield, “The anti-war movement creates more war;” Mother Teresa, “I will never attend an anti-war rally. If you have a peace rally, invite me.”  However, in this brief mention of creating peace, she failed to make a compelling point that, “The Law of Attraction” comprises all aspects of life, including creating war or stopping a senseless war. The Law of Attraction undeniably illuminates that—all wars are senseless.

As we experience the predictable outcome of the current political climate—we need to accept we have created the very things we fear—war compounded by more terrorists.  Instead of eradicating corruption, it’s growing; instead of creating peace, war and terrorism are escalating; instead of healthy intelligent solutions, we are perpetuating brainless, hateful rhetoric and fear mongering.

It is abundantly clear, critics have become worse than the problem, worse than the people they call evil.  It is a natural law—like attracts like.  It is time to apply the undeniable, irrevocable, powerful and unmistakable principle—“The Law of Attraction” to the most crucial issue humanity faces—perpetually creating what we claim we do not want—war. If war created peace, the world would be at peace the first day after the first war ended.

Using the law of attraction belongs in every family and with every family member. Practice kindness to one another, clear away negative energy, use forgiveness liberally with yourself and others, practice positive thinking, send positive thoughts to the entire world, Capitol Hill and to our perceived enemies. Speak with courteous and informed awareness. The Law of Attraction is simply unwavering, unrelentingly consistent and predictable.  The Law of Attraction is not a sometime thing—we need to focus on what we want to create instead of what we do not want to create.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author, “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life.” Mind, Body, Spirit healing and Physical/Sexual Abuse Prevention and Recovery. As an inspirational leader, Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life’s challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

Excellent article Dorothy,

We should all practice positive thoughts and actions, and by our doing so, the younger generation may embrace and live in a proactive manner of thoughts and actions.

We need it badly, in this modern world we live in today!

Life is good,


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The Secret Power of Positive Thinking

The Secret Power Of Positive Thinking
By Doug Dvorak

70 miles north of New York City is the home of positive thinking, Pawling, New York. Pawling is a town of Optimists and one Optimist that put this town on the map was Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Known as the Father of the Positive Thinking and Motivational movement in the 1950’s and Founder of the Center for Positive Thinking, Peale’s sprit can still be felt on Pawling’s streets. Residents of Pawling have a lot to feel upbeat about too! Real estate values and salaries are above the national average.

“If we can change our thinking we can change our lives”. This was a central theme to Dr. Peale’s message and belief system that he shared with millions of people. If you find yourself in tough circumstances, instead of giving in to negative thoughts and thinking try the old “glass is half-full, not half-empty” approach to life. I believe that what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve! Truly effective positive thinking requires that you focus on positive thoughts and positive emotions and take positive action. Positive People maintain a positive frame of mind and think about the possibilities for growth and success that life offers. They have an attitude of positive expectancy. They expect happiness, health, love and good relationships. They think in terms of ‘I will succeed, I can, etc. The benefits of positive thinking are:

Achieving goals and attaining success.

Better relationships with family & friends

Greater happiness.

More energy.

Greater inner power and strength.

The ability to inspire and motivate yourself and others.

If you follow these simple yet tried and true suggestions to incorporating positive thinking into your life and work you will be amazed at the results!

Doug Dvorak is the CEO of DMG Inc., a worldwide organization that assists clients with productivity training, corporate humor and workshops, as well as other aspects of sales and marketing management. Mr. Dvorak’s clients are characterized as Fortune 1000 companies, small to medium businesses, civic organizations and service businesses. Mr. Dvorak has earned an international reputation for his powerful educational methods and motivational techniques, as well as his experience in all levels of business, corporate education and success training.

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A Bigger Secret Than The Secret?

A Bigger Secret Than The Secret
By Dennis Diehl

I watched “The Secret” a few days ago. If you are not familiar with it… “Envisioning What You Want Will Help You Attract It.”  In a nutshell, if you think it, want it, and feel it, it can be yours — whether it’s health and healing of disease, more stuff like cars and boats and homes, or perhaps even a the Presidency of a large democratic country. It seems The Secret has been known by every major player in the who’s who of human history.  Plato, Socrates, Copernicus, Galileo and even Jesus, knew The Secret.  I guess that’s how Jesus may have attracted his 12 disciples and crucifixion.  From my perspective, that’s The Secret going sour.

At any rate, I watched it as the secret of attracting wealth was explained.  I did notice that all those telling me just how to tap into the quantum field of attraction seemed already to be quite wealthy and have lots of stuff.  They did throw in one housewife on the video, but they did not say what she had attracted.  The others were PhD’s, Surgeons, Doctors and any number of already existing successful lives, in the material and intellectual sense.  I doubt they used The Secret way back before they had reached this success, but rather just did the hard work of going to school and taking it seriously.  I think it’s easier to attract more wealth when you already have plenty to begin with.  Personally, I think Opray might be past the point of needing to attract  more of what she might want or need in life.  I might be wrong.

The section on attracting wealth seemed crass to me and I realized that attracting more stuff doesn’t really do it for me. Others just know that’s the secret to their happiness, if only it could happen.  I know lots of people who have lots of stuff and they don’t seem all that thrilled anymore.  That’s an old trap in life.  All one need do is track the foolish spending of those that win the lottery over a couple years and see what money and stuff, in the hands of those who have no clue about the responsibility of having resources to deal with, can do.  I am sure there are responsible lottery winners, but more stuff is definitely not the way to go for the irresponsible.   Actually more stuff as the road to happiness is a dead end for all humans and if every human on the planet had lots of stuff, well…the planet would collapse under all the stuff.  People need security and their daily bread, but over much does not seem to make us “happy,” as if “happy” was what it was all about.  “Happy” is darn relative. It certainly is not a goal that one need have to find an inner peace and personal meaning in life.  Stuff actually clouds the issue and is a good example of the “little me” of Ego run amuck in fantasy and delusion.  It’s like “winning” in Iraq.  It depends on what “winning” is, and who “wins.”

Of course, we’d all like to attract good health.  I think The Secret of that is not so much mantra’s of self talk about health, though if I was sick, I would make every effort to adopt the idea that my body was having a challenge with an illness, but I, the real me inside, was just fine. The mind can certainly play a major part in whether the body gets the message to heal or drop dead.  On the other hand, it might also work to practice the Law of Non-Attraction with regards to good health.  Like not attracting twinkies and coke, burgers and fries on a daily basis as if that’s how your body was meant to function.   It might entail the non-attraction of cigarettes or walking around everywhere one goes with 32 oz’s of pure crap in a cup to stress the body.  Did you ever notice that those attracted to diet drinks are usually overweight?  I still say washing down a triple decker burger and large fries with a Diet Coke is rather meaningless.  Personally I think the Secret of Good Health is education and keeping your mouth shut.  Don’t complain about your knees if you are 200 lbs overweight.  Don’t complain about the cough and spit if you smoke two packs a day.  Don’t complain about the results you get if you think that sugar, caffeine, alcohol and sugar are the four major food groups and you must consume lots of each every day….You’ll experience the law of attraction alright and it won’t be pleasant.

Having a positive attitude does go a long way in a life.  Whether or not that’s the big secret of the ages, I don’t know.  I certainly would think that an inner voice that reminds “me” I can do this, or that I am a worthwhile human being just as all others are, is far better than repeating “I’m stupid,” or “I’m a loser,”  or “I can’t do it.”  I do believe we are what we think we are and it does have an effect on the body and our personal success.  Seems more like a no brainer to me than a big secret.

I had an experience with a kind of “Secret” once that may serve as a cautionary tale when it comes to claiming to know just how to make life work and get what you want…more stuff, better health, security, protection from harm and all the things that anyone in their right mind would want.

A minister friend of mine was giving a sermon to several thousand people and went on and on about how God had intervened and surely saved the child of a good Christian family from death.  He went on to explain the dramatic circumstances, the danger, the fact that nothing could have saved this child but God’s Angel’s in heaven.  He equated this miraculous intervention with the fact that when you obey God, good things happen and quoted the appropriate scriptures to prove his point.  I don’t personally find that quoting stories of old that I am not sure really happened, or not, to be all that inspiring in the real world.  But that is just me now.  At any rate, his presentation was very dramatic and he backed it up with plenty of Bible talk.  The problem was that I knew several “good Christian families” in that audience who had lost their children in ways that would keep you awake the rest of your life in grief.  No Angelic interventions.  No dramatic saves.  No blessings that day even though there was no difference in the “goodness” or sincerity of the grieving families from that of the family that had a near miss.  And I knew that had I been one of them, I probably would have gotten up and left the meeting.  I went to the ones I knew and tried to encourage them, but the damage of doubt and guilt had been done.   Simply put, it is not fair to equate the success of one with doing the true right things to achieve it.  Many humans do all the “right” things and still have challenges that are seemingly inexplicable, unresolved and painful.  Earth School is like that.

Perhaps a better secret is that we are all here to learn as individuals what we, as an individual, need to learn.  Can we better ourselves?  Sure.  Can we work hard for more stuff?  Sure, if you think stuff is the key to happiness.   Can we attract the perfect partner?  Sure, or not depending on what one is looking for what one thinks is “perfect.”  I know many beautiful people who can’t stand each other.

The Secret has many good points.  God knows we need people on the planet who don’t wallow around in self pity, negativism, anger, guilt, shame and fear.  Whoever does that is bound to have a less than pleasing life and attract more of the same.  I doubt that is such a big secret to most.  But if you take any ten people and have them all practice the very same attitudes and perspectives on how life works better, you still get ten different results.  What I might need to experience to grow and learn and be “successful” might be very different than what you might need to experience to grow and learn to find your “success.”   But I can guarantee you that finding THE way to attract more stuff, more money, more power, more prestige, more people and a bigger title can often prove more stressful and disillusioning, than some would have you believe.  Maybe that’s an even bigger secret…

Article Source:

Thanks Dennis,

Stuff to ponder on,

I think………..

Attitude is everything….

And it works great!!!

Have a great day!

Life is good, Jodi

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The Law of Attraction…….The Secret is

The Law Of Attraction…The Secret Is That You Still Need To Take ACTION
By Cornelis Boertjens

What an exciting time do we live in right now! It used to be regarded as “weird” or “airy fairy” to talk about vibrational energy, Law of Attraction and your thoughts becoming things. But this is rapidly changing due to movies like “what the bleep…” and “The Secret”. Although it will still take some time for these ideas to become truly mainstream we are absolutely getting there. I just feel like things are changing… even my most down to earth, skeptical friend who would previously just have laughed at me for even just suggesting to watch a movie like “The Secret”, actually really enjoyed it! Although he still had some remarks  he accepted the general idea.

One thing he mentioned was absolutely spot on. He said “yes, it is all good thinking of certain things, wanting these things to happen en really feeling as if you have them… but you still need to actually DO something, right? It is not just going to happen by sitting on the couch thinking of it”.
I completely agree with him. You might know this saying: “God gave us the light, but we still need to switch on the light switch…”. Meaning that by having positive thoughts, visualizing your goals and feeling really good about them, you create a clearing for your dreams to become reality; it is crucial you do that fits and then you need to take certain actions towards achieving those dreams.
It is like setting up the decor, switching on the lights, turning on the music for a play….but you still need the actors to actually perform the play! So it is certainly not enough to just spend all day visualizing your goals being achieved and feeling wonderful about them. A certain level of action in the direction of your goals is required. More importantly, these actions need to be the actions you would take as if you have already achieved your goals.

James Ray (of “The Secret”) says: “Step forward, taking action in the direction … not where you are currently, but moving forward and saying, ‘Okay, if this is who I’m becoming, then what action would I take right now if I were already there?'”

So BE the person you wish to become, take the actions that fit that person and you will eventually HAVE what that person has. This equates to “Be, Do, Have”. For instance, your goal might be to make a certain amount of money with your business. For example, you could put an image of a cheque for that amount on your Vision Board combines with images and affirmations relating to how your life will be when you have that income. By doing this you might for example attract some amazing customers who ring you to place an order. In the most basic of basics, you will still need to take that order, process it and make sure your customers get their products. And you will do this in the most professional way, just like someone who makes that kind of money would! So, if you Be the person that earns that kind of money (for instance: someone who makes that kind of money is someone who is being “prompt and professional in their dealings”), you Do like that person would do (so you would process their orders fast and correct), and you will then eventually Have that income.

Another example: you might get an email with an invitation for a certain networking event. The action would be to go to this event in order to for example meet another company that turns out to be looking for someone just like you to work with. Now, attending the event might normally scare you because you think you are a shy person. But when you realize that the person you wish to become is confident, you will go and will therefore reap the rewards by meeting that person.

By first visualizing your goals you send a message to the universe, which in turn will orchestrate the right events and people to show up in your life to make those goals happen. You then need to turn up and take the right action in the direction of your goal and be the person you want to become. I trust you get the idea.

Have a look at he goals you have set for yourself and think about which actions you can take to make those goals happen. What actions can you take today, to get closer to your goals? Think about who you need to be being in order for these goals to manifest into your life. When you visualize you having achieved them and open your mind, the right action steps will come to you. Just trust what is happening and take the action.

Cornelis Boertjens is the CEO of OrangePeel Vision Boards, an innovative company focused on inspiring people to achieve their goals in life using a unique software tool called “Vision Board”. “Vision Board” is an easy and very powerful way of creating a Vision Board on your computer, combining your own dream images with your chosen affirmations and power words. It is the world’s most powerful manifestation tool. For more information feel free to visit Cornelis can be reached via email at or phone on +64 9 828 0555

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Be Happy In This Moment !

Today we share a resource to *expand* your mind on further applying the principles of The Secret Movie. Its a great interview from some of the stars and guru’s that are in The Secret.

Listen and enjoy, and get great ideas to help you along, and remember……”be happy in this moment!” It can really take you as far as you wish to go!

This link to the interview (talking e-book) is a future paid site But just sign in, confirm your email, and they send you a password to access the 53 minute talking e-book with The Masters of The Secret. There is no cost or obligation.

If you are involved in other Secret training sites, please share your views, rating, cost etc.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the audio.

Life is good,    Jodi

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